Cutting & Grinding Oils & Fluids



Straight Oil (Neat Cutting Oil)
(Chlorine-free Environment-friendly Products)
*General Cutting and Grinding Process
*Inactive Sulphur EP additive types
*Active Sulphur EP additive types
*Heavy Duty types for severe operations - broaching, gun drill, etc
*Specially designed for super finishing and fine surface grinding
*Specially designed for honing process
*For MQL - mist cutting process

Water Soluble (Coolants)
(Chlorine-free Environment-friendly & High Cleanliness Products)

*Emulsion types
*Micro Emulsion types
*Semi-Chemical types
*Soluble types
*Fully Synthetic types


Surface Treatment Agents


Rust Preventives
(Various rust preventive periods, low odor, water displacing)
*Solvent types.
*Oil types
*Water soluble types

*Solvent types
*Water soluble types
*High pH, low COD & no effect to aluminium types

Aqueous Quenchants


Forming Oil


*Fast dry types for Light Duty processes
*For Medium Duty processes
*For Heavy Duty processes

*For Other Processes
 (Cold Rolling Oils, Hot Rolling Oils and Seamless Pipe, Sintered Iron Sizing, Non-Graphite Hot Forging Oils, Wire & Pipe Drawing and Cold Forging Oils.)

Products for Hi-Tech Area





Ideal products for wire saw slicing of silicone ingot, crystal, semi-conductor ceramic etc
Specially-designed in process cleaner for silicone wafer, crystal panel etc
Grinding fluids for aluminium and glass disk substrates, crystal panel etc


Product For Diecasting



Die Lubricants
*Wax-free Silicone types
*Paintable Silicone types
*Wax-free & Silicone-free types
*For Squeeze & Pore-free Die Castings
*For medium quantity lubrication
*For MQL (minimum quantity lubrication)
*For Magnesium & Zinc Die Casting

Plunger lube
*Oil types
*Water-based types

(Ladle Coat, Crucible Coat, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils)

Building Maintenance Products



  *Floor polishing chemical
*Floor and machine cleaners

Supporting Equipments
For Metalworking Fluids


  *Filtration & recycling equipment.
*pH meter/Refractometer/Colorimeter.
*Auto mixers.
*Oil skimmers.


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